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The road to maximum success is not easy and for athletes, progress means one step at a time. In 2008, Ahmard Vital began a meticulous focus on studying college football recruiting. Vital worked tirelessly to better understand the inner workings of this highly aggressive process. It started with interviews about camps, official visits and players’ favorite programs, but evolved into more.

So Ahmard decided to dig deeper. He wanted to know if there was a correlation between this Elite level of play and what was going on mentally. This question became his objective: to explore and discover the relation, to seek the Baller Within.

Awaken the Baller Within: If You Want to Win, Start Within was written to assist football players and all athletes to bring an understanding to those interested in the mindset of Elite players. For the players, this book’s intent is to help them improve their game on a psychological level. Research has proven that Elite athletes think and act with a determined, positive mindset. This confidence and mindset is what separates the Elite from the average, good and great players. Ahmard hopes this book will help aspiring athletes bring their game to the Elite level.

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