The road to maximum success is not easy and for athletes, progress means one step at a time. In 2008, Ahmard Vital began a meticulous focus on studying college football recruiting. Vital worked tirelessly to better understand the inner workings of this highly aggressive process. It started with interviews about camps, official visits and players’ favorite programs, but evolved into more.

So Ahmard decided to dig deeper. He wanted to know if there was a correlation between this Elite level of play and what was going on mentally. This question became his objective: to explore and discover the relation, to seek the Baller Within.

Awaken the Baller Within: If You Want to Win, Start Within was written to assist football players and all athletes to bring an understanding to those interested in the mindset of Elite players. For the players, this book’s intent is to help them improve their game on a psychological level. Research has proven that Elite athletes think and act with a determined, positive mindset. This confidence and mindset is what separates the Elite from the average, good and great players. Ahmard hopes this book will help aspiring athletes bring their game to the Elite level.

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- Yogi Roth - NY Times Best Selling Author

Elite Ballers has nothing to do with reaching the end zone on a 100-yard field. It’s about the mindset it takes to live in the present moment during competitive environments. Ahmard Vital takes the reader on a personal journey that details what separates the elite from the talented and reminds us all that success is a mindset and a word that only we affirm and define.

- Ralph Cooper - Sports Radio Host, KCOH 1430 AM

Awaken The Baller Within is very inspirational. You can feel the passion of Ahmard Vital as your eyes and mental blessings grasp his writings. This should be a must read for the young. For others, it is a piece of work that could inspire you to make your goals happen.

- Scott Kennedy - Director of Scouting,

Ahmard Vital has given the roadmap to greatness not just for football players, but for all walks of life. A player who dedicates himself to being elite will have learned a life lesson that goes well beyond football and will carry over into the real world starting with the classroom and his family. Talent is a key ingredient, but talent only goes so far. The difference between good and great and great and Elite comes from within.

- Jesse Jennings - Founding minister, Creative Life Spiritual Center

Any kid playing any sport will benefit from what Ahmard Vital has written, not only in terms of athletic performance but also in the larger game of life. One must constantly prepare, as there is no off-season for success. And while you may not win every game, every season you must expect to win them all. That is the most overlooked yet most fundamental truth of top-quality performance.